Why Choose Us?

How to begin a short sale?

We consider this one of the most important aspects of the entire consultation. This section touches a little bit on us and why you should consider hiring us. 5 years ago the need for us to talk about our selves was not necessary as there were only a select few agents actually processing short sales in Tucson back then. However within the past 1 to 2 years more and more agents have decided to take on short sale listings as they are coming on the market in abundance. 5 years ago these agents would simply refer them to us because they made less money and had to work twice as hard to process them.

We began doing short sales in 2005 and it was because we were working in various areas in Tucson, Marana and especially Sahuarita where there was a significant amount of home depreciation. This was in the beginning of the market down turn. Many of those clients had 100% financing, or had major equity lines and had to move because their home was not worth what we could sell it for. They were upside down. Our first short sale was closed in 2005 and I remember obtaining an abundance of listings not only from pleased clients but from agents that heard we did those things called short sales. After analyzing the market and trends in Tucson we decided there will absolutely be a specialty need for this service down the road. Nothing gave us more gratitude to do our jobs than helping home owners who really needed it. In some cases we even worked for free on deals that were very tight in order to avoid the short sale process. Helping homeowners became the reason we went to work everyday and it still is. It was at this point we decided to make short sales our specialty and work on them full time.

The good majority of agents during this time period wouldn’t touch a short sale even if they had nothing else in escrow because they are very difficult. With no experience or education most agents would lose the home to foreclosure (and never get paid for their time) and they didn’t want to put in the work as most short sales are 4 times the amount of work a traditional sale requires. In addition, short sales were sold for less money and the commissions paid by the bank are less.

Since 2005 we have completed over 220 short sales which is more than the majority of major short sale processing companies in the state of Arizona. With over 70 to 80 of those short sales having 2 loans that constitutes around 300 short sale approvals.

At this point in our career we have a 96% success rate on our short sales. This is due to the fact that within our initial consultation and before we ever put your home on the market we have a good idea of who will qualify and who will not. Of the short sales we have lost to foreclosure the majority were put on our desk 1 to 2 weeks before their sale date and the bank did not have sufficient data to make an educated decision. Therefore if we do decide to take on your case as a client our 96% success rate are the odds that you can count on.

Our Relationships with the banks

A very important factor that gives us success doing short sales is the relationships we have developed over the years with the various banks we have worked with. In place of submitting a file into the masses we are able to contact “John” over at Chase or Bank of America and “John” knows we know what we are doing and is willing to expedite our file. Our relationships with the major banks can be a critical aspect in the final outcome of your short sale approval. It is for this reason we are able to get things done for our clients that the good majority of agents and even attorneys can not do here in Tucson because of the solid relationships we have built over the years.

So this is just a little bit about us and why we feel we are unique in the Tucson short sale marketplace as a team and as a group that really has our client’s best interests at heart. We can stress it enough but a short sale costs the seller absolutely nothing. Our fees are completely paid for by the bank. If we do not complete your short sale, we do not get paid. We do not ask for any money up front nor will you ever spend a dime out of pocket on our services!

The decision to work with one of the best short sale specialists in Tucson could possibly be one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. No matter who you choose, it is imperative that you work with someone that is extremely experienced and has a proven track record of success. We have heard time and time again of people who have had horror stories after the short sale of things that were not properly negotiated on their behalf…like deficiency judgments not being waved (in writing).

Its not only important to work with an agent that has experience in facilitating short sales but an agent that has a strong group or team around them is equally important. If the agent you hire is out showing property in place of being on the phone daily like we are negotiating with the banks on your behalf, the chances of getting things done the right way is drastically reduced.

A short sale is not for everyone and there are too many agents out there, especially in this economy that will tell you to do a short sale even when that may not be in your best interest. We are hard working straight shooters that will review your situation and tell you how it’s going to play out because of our years of experience.

Again we offer all of our clients a free 1 hour consultation in person or over the phone where you can get a chance to meet us and we can go over your situation and see if a short sale is right for you. In addition if you know anyone else that could benefit from our video consultation please share this with them or have them give us a call. We are here to help.