Chase Borrowers Get Up To $30,000 Incentive To Do a Short Sale in Tucson

Chase Borrowers Get Up To $30,000 Incentive To Do a Short Sale in Tucson

Chase Borrowers are receiving letters in the mail offering amounts ranging from $3,000.00 up to $30,000.00 paid at closing, upon successful completion of the short sale transaction on their property. Chase is providing increased incentives for Sellers to short sale their homes by announcing their much-anticipated short sale incentive program. The incentive amount is also geared toward assisting the Seller(s) in covering any potential expenses incurred while moving out of the home.

As per the terms of approval under this program, Chase has agreed to waive all deficiency judgments against the Seller(s) which means that, Chase will provide $3,0000.00 or more to the Seller(s) at closing and the Seller(s) would owe nothing more on the mortgage of the property.

On our latest transaction successfully closed on under this program, formal acceptance was issued in just under three weeks from the date all required documents were submitted into Chase. Furthermore our client or Seller received the amount of $10,000.00. This incentive was given to her, with all short sale deficiency judgments being waived.

Not all Chase Borrowers will be able to qualify to take part in this program. Factors that will determine if a Seller qualifies for this program may include (and are not limited to): financial situation, terms of Chase loan(s), Mortgage Insurance Company approval, Chase Investor approval, and so on.

While Chase is notifying the Borrowers of eligibility by sending out a letter including the incentive offer amount, Chase Borrowers considering a short sale are encouraged to contact Chase by calling the number listed on their mortgage statement to discuss the potential of a short sale, with the a short sale incentive program being a potential option.

As always, please consult with an Attorney or Certified Accountant regarding possible tax/deficiency implications associated with a short sale transaction.